Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Women in Prision demo review

Instead of seeing this band tonight I decided it would be more fun to sit at home to review their crummy demo tape, and drink beer AND possibly rub one out again. The life of a blogger is an exciting one as I am slowly learning. I have even heard you can get paid doing this shit. Fuck I earned about $1 today since I am going to go "flip" that Wild America record to Trailer Space tomorrow. So if I can someone earn $2 tomorrow I will be content in knowing I am making a meaningful contribution to the world economy.

Okay this is a local Austin band. It has A guitar,A bass,A drum set, and A singer. Tight titties. Now this band is made up of people from all these other awesome bands, none of which I will tell you.....

The Young Voyagers of legend is one of my favorite records…ever. Sure, the lyrics were kind of hokey. How many times can you make a crack about a girl not letting you cum inside her? And how many goofy guys actually believed that whole jokey shock-jock misogyny the group spewed? However, there was something, perhaps the jams or the knowledge that there was a sense of humor underneath, that transcended it all. So imagine my surprise to hear The Young/Sacred Shock's drummer/guitarist Hanz Sharkey III’s new project, Women in Prison . There are definitely no lyrics about cum and daddy issues on this one. It’s all very serious and very dramatic and very moody, and it is all very good. Even with the nearly insurmountable obstacle of the tape saying J.I.M on the side rather then W.I.M , UGH [ed. note: The BLACK MIKE TIME does not endorse any hatred of persons known as JIM, as The BLACK MIKE TIME loves everyone named JIM], I still think this is a most excellent demo tape. On first listen, I was struck by the…emotional gravitas (is this right?) of the whole thing. Maybe it’s the cold weather. Most shocking of all, Mr. Brian Miller is straight up crooning on this record. The speed is always somewhere in the middle but it highlights the vocals so it helps. Song two, “Booger Sugar” is the best track(no track list was given on my "edition" so will just make up my own titles) and with lyrics about crawling on kitchen floors and possibly love/lust (?), it will demand an almost compulsive number of listens and scarily enough, sing alongs. Drums, bass, guitar, vocal. That’s all you need. I am still not quite sure if I am ready for a Functional Blackouts member to have a deep and profound emotional effect on me in the year 2010, but I love this record. We all change girls. Grip from the band

I would also like to add this was the NOLA edition and there were some more songs. However many has been lost to me since I have to go to my roomies room to listen to tapes and it smells like hobo sex AND I stopped paying attention half way through to write this. Basically this shit sounds like some copped riffs from Nervous Breakdown with some slower thug jams thrown in. I am into it. I am actually so into it that I wish I was gay so I could publicly come out and say I want to fuck this whole band at once and everyone would accept me for who I really am.

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