Sunday, October 17, 2010

How I roll

You know I have been learning the ways of the Blogger fellow nectar lovers. It is a very complicated life I am learning. Everything that use to be dull has now taken on brilliant colors (or "colours" my Old World challenged working class hero's) and now has new meaning. No longer do I pass by things and mutter a simple "n"aughty word under breath as I pass by. No. NO. Now I search for meaning in these turds of god that cling to his toilet bowl with the fingers of a Day Gecko.

Today I bring you something that was NOT FREE for me. But I do consider it my duty to make the world a better place and it provided free entertainment for millions of others. I hope it does the same for you. I also hope it lets you peak into the mind here behind Black Mike Time. With that I bring you.....A DREAD LOCK.....

As you may or may not have noticed this is a dread lock. Depending on your upbringing and locale you may not know what this is. Basically this is some shit White People invented when they discovered some band called Amebix and decided self worth wasn't worth owning anymore. Yeah,yeah you can hear some other bullshit that some White Person has to say on the matter but basically that is it. No other way around it. Amebix was formed in the 60's and didn't put out a record till the 80's...that's all you need to know about them too. Soooo

 After a amazing show I either player or attended and was bored occured a local Inadequately Sheltered aka homeless (ok ok I can't remember if he is Homed or not but that is not the point) person asked if I was still up to pay him $50 to cut his dread off and never grow one again. Now I am a man of self importance and noticing the plight of a fellow American I "jewed" him down to $30. I think I heard all of New York cheer for a moment when this happened. Or at least a single wheezing breath of  a single Foot Locker worker thinking of pizza in New Jersey. You choose.

The man in question was obviously in need and quite Distraught over his choice because as he rode away claiming I stole his soul his bike locked up and Us Americans say.. "ate shit".

I.... feeling nothing for my fellow fallen country man laughed it up and "charged it to the game". And you can notice the latex gloves that WERE FREE from work that I used to pry this tasty object from my car. Where it had been hanging like some perverse trophy in my car for months. And you may notice there is some sort of bone in this beaver tail of a dread lock. I know not the reason for any of this. I am only a simple man with simple pleasures like taking a shower. And using shampoo. And I can not tell you where the fuck Jamaca is on any map let alone attempt to spell it correctly.

I had a bunch of awesome stuff I wanted to tie into this dread lock bit but currently forgot. Just add something about my dick,homos,sanfran,being black,being black in Mexican America, and other edgy things and you would have a mountain of wit that would fill my lack of words tonight Dear Lolitas.

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