Monday, October 18, 2010


Okay today images are running a little backward then have been appearing. Let me make my peace before you judge Dear Children.

You see many people use my computer when I am not around. And when amusing myself with past history I came across what will follow....Now I am a good "Christian Country" man so I know how to delete otherwise embarrassing searches. (note I tissue wipe all my Porno Hub searches every time a day...maybe more). So i wonder to myself how such a photo ended up on my Cherry pc...Must of been a Mexican as thats all I live with or all that comes over..( and this is not a point of negativety here either. i fucking love the Mexican people, they love tacos I love the way the make them, They love cheap beer and I do to, They like spicy food...ughh yeah... They hate Puerto Ricans and i can relate, They work shitty jobs and I do to... etc etc etc till you come to the part that Mexicans love to fucking party... YES they don't bullshit about politics,whats in, what bands okay to no they fucking have a mild flavored Fiesta  just about every day...and up that to Ghost Pepper salsa on the weekends...I LOVE EM) SO me and Mexicans get down.

Now I wonder though. Am I merely living a with stereotypes amoungst me when i come across this "gay" shit on my computer???

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